our facility

Premium Air Ventilation - Lifebreath ERV

At TCN, we have invested in four (4) brand-new, hospital-grade energy recovery ventilator systems to aid in circulation. In a post-pandemic climate, premium cross-ventilation is vital as students are less likely to contract an airborne illness. With the Lifebreath ERV system in place, heat is retained as stale air is subsequently exchanged for fresh, clean air. Upholding quality across the board remains our top priority.

Premium Air Conditioning

With each passing year, Canadian summers have undoubtedly gotten hotter. As a result, our environment greatly suffers, as millions of cooling devices emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. TCN is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint by promoting environmentally sustainable operations. Among these efforts are four (4) brand-new air conditioning systems that have replaced the traditional AC unit. Unlike the previous model, which utilized hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, the new, high-efficiency system does not use harmful gasses.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

Four brand-new, high-efficiency furnaces have been installed within the upper and lower mechanical rooms of the building. With our facility separated into four (4) distinct zones, our updated system distributes heat evenly through each region of the building - a process the previous (traditional) unit could not execute.

The ductwork throughout the building also contains numerous fire dampers that far surpass the minimum building code requirements. This is a preventative measure, as we aim to ensure our staff and students remain safe in the event of a fire.

New Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is fundamental, as it is necessary to ensure there is an ample supply of hot water running efficiently through the plumbing. Unique temperature-controlled mechanisms have been put in place to regulate the running water in the washrooms to a comfortable setting for the children.

New Plumbing

As a precautionary measure, the building's entire plumbing system was restructured from the ground up, and subsequently re-laid into larger terrain to prevent sewage backflow / backup in the future. Unique mechanisms have been placed in all lavatories and mechanical rooms to eradicate the reverse flow of any unpleasant odours and glasses through the drains. In addition, to further enhance the circulation, all washroom exhaust fans directly vent out to the exterior of the building.

Backflow Prevention Device

As an additional backup and flooding preventative measure, we have invested in a high-quality copper backwater prevention unit. This is used to prevent any contaminants in the water from being pulled back into the main water supply. Its installation lifts the risk of health hazards, as it works to prevent any wastewater seepage into the municipal water lines.

Ample Natural Lighting

Classroom windows were an essential feature of the TCN design. A series of new windows have been placed throughout the two- storey building to facilitate natural light and provide views of the outdoor space. Exposure to natural light can significantly reduce stress and promote a balanced mood. By offering windows between our younger classrooms, and doors with windowpanes; the new building design has contributed to an even more transparent learning environment. Classrooms feel open and invoke creativity - a space where students and educators are happy to spend their time.

Gated Property

At TCN, our property is gated on all four (4) parameters of the property. At this moment, the property is framed by a 7-foot wooden fence (two sides), an iron gate (one side), and a chain link fence (one side). Structured fencing is critical, as it ensures student safety, enhances the supervision of students, and maintains a distraction-free environment. It is important to note, only TCN staff, children and attending families are authorized on our property at any given time.

The play yards for our younger children are further fenced with a 4-foot chain link fence as an additional measure to enhance security. Staff and student safety is our utmost priority.

Landscape Plan

The landscaping plan of TCN is held with highest regard - A creative environment contributes to environmental education and builds camaraderie amongst children and adults, alike.

TCN has worked diligently with an esteemed landscape architect to design an outdoor environment that supports growth and development within our student body. Security, privacy, and safety were at the forefront of our design process, followed by creating shade opportunities. We selected a wide diversity of vegetation to cultivate visual appeal and ambience to the space. Our landscape plan has been approved by the Municipality, meaning we can begin putting shovels to soil by Spring / Summer 2024.

As part of our inaugural tree and shrub planting program of Spring 2024, we welcome our families and sponsors to select a tree or shrub from a Municipality-approved list, to be planted onto our school grounds. With gratitude, participating families will also receive a dedicated plaque display at the school. With each passing year, the participants will be photographed alongside their donation to commemorate their legacy. Upon graduation, they bequeath a tribute, which continues to enrich future generations of TCN. To participate, inquire with us.

Outdoor Playground

A schoolground surrounded by greenery is beneficial for childhood learning and development as it is conducive to the wellbeing of the mind. At TCN, children will be granted ample opportunities to experience a healthy outdoor environment as part of their daily routines.

Our Early Years play yards are fully equipped with a one-of-a-kind, art-deco style climbing structure specially designed using Badi wood, imported from Africa. There are countless opportunities for children to explore through play with respect to texture, depth, and placement. From wood chips and shock absorbent flooring to river rocks and vegetation - every child will be able to study the environment around them to great depths. Several wooden play structures, scooters, bikes, trikes, and foot-powered push cars are also available on our grounds.

We are equally excited for our elementary students' outdoor amenities. Getting our elementary students moving plays a vital role in their overall health. Through our Physical Fitness program, students are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities as they learn the value of teamwork, discipline, and striving towards a common goal. Access to a youth-sized soccer field and ample gym equipment allows them to run freely, while getting physical activity, fresh air, and sunlight. The fresh air cleanses their lungs, sunlight provides mood-enhancing Vitamin D, and cardiovascular activity regulates heart rates and blood pressure.

In addition to having the open space in our backyard, we are creating a unique and fun outdoor play space for our lower and upper elementary students. We have equipped the space with quality see-saws, spring rockers, pivot poles, as well as a manually operated merry-go-round.

As part of our future development plan, we are working on designing a unique rope climbing structure that encourages strength building, balance, and coordination. Rope nets and bridges will engage various muscle groups to enhance gross motor skills and promote a healthier lifestyle through active play. We anticipate placing a natural scape variation of the rope structure over the next 2-5 years.