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Premium Air Ventilation - Lifebreath ERV

At TCN, we have invested in four (4) brand-new, hospital-grade energy recovery ventilator systems to aid in circulation. In a post-pandemic climate, premium cross-ventailation is vital as students are less likley to contract an airborne illness. With the Lifebreath ERV system in place, heat is retained as stale air is subsequently exchanged for fresh, clean air. Upholding quality accross the board, remains our top priority.

Premium Air Conditioning

With each passing year, Canadian summers have undoubtedly gotten hotter. As a result, our environment greatly suffers, as millions of cooling devices emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. TCN is committed to decreasing its carbon footprint by promoting environmentally sustainable operations. Among these efforts are four (4) brand-new air conditioning systems that have replaced the traditional AC unit. Unlike the previous model, which utilized hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, the new, high-efficiency system does not use harmful gasses.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

Four brand-new, high-efficiency furnaces have been installed within the upper and lower mechanical rooms of the building. With our facility seperated into four (4) distinct zones, our updated system distributes heat evenly through each region of the building - a process the previous (traditional) unit could not execute.

The ductwork throughout the building also contains numerous fire dampers that far surpass the minimum building code requirements. This is a preventative measure, as we aim to ensure our staff and students remain safe in the treat of a fire.

New Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is fundamental, as it is necessary to ensure there is an ample supply of hot water running efficiently through the plumbing. Unique temperature controlled mechanisms have been put in place to regulate the running water in the washrooms to a comfortable setting for the children.

New Plumbing

As a precautionary measure, the building's entire plumbing system was restructured from the ground up, and subsequently relaid into larger terrain to prevent sewage backflow / backup in the future. Unique mechanisms have been placed in all lavatories and mechanical rooms to eradicate the reverse flow of any unpleasant odours and glasses through the drains. In addition, to further enhance the circulation, all washroom exhaust fans directly vent out to the exterior of the building.

Backflow Prevention Device

As an additional backup and flooding preventative measure, we have invested in a high-quality copper backwater prevention unit. This is used to prevent any contaminants in the water from being pulled back into the main water supply. Its installation lifts the risk of health hazards, as it works to prevent any waste water seepage into the municipal water lines.

Ample Natural Lighting

Classroom windows were an essential feature of the TCN design. A series of new windows have been placed throughout the two- storey building to facilitate natural light and provide views of the outdoor space. Exposure to natural light can significantly reduce stress and promote a balanced mood. By offering windows between our younger classrooms, and doors with window panes; the new building design has contributed to an even more transparent learning environment. Classrooms feel open, and invoke creativity - a space where students and educators are happy to spend their time.